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Three years in the Vietnam market, Bread Bistro has become a prestigious brand of high-quality bread with dozens of fast food made from bread. With European and American technology in harmony with the taste of Asia, Bistro bread products taste special is favored by discerning customers at home and abroad.
 Especially the kind of vegetarian sandwiches are varied. Can tell, vegetarian baked chicken sandwiches, bread or bread vegetarian ribs Bistro ram especially with ham, ribs and pork bologna meat vegetarian. Customers can also enjoy chicken curry bread bowl of vegetarian or vegetarian beef Bistro characteristics of bread are served in a bread bowl-shaped hot crispy round.

The dish is favored by vegetarians also have a vegetarian pasta and vegetarian pizza. Vegetarian Bistro staff of bread made from soy flour and absolutely no animal or eggs for vegetarians or dieters. With only about 50,000, customers can have delicious food has no nutritional adequacy.

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