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Carrots are one of the foods rich in nutrients, especially vitamin.

Since ancient times, the letter y ancient learn, record and praised the use of carrots. For example, writing book manuscript draft section: “Ho is loading additional lower secondary air, hung to benefit the colon, an organ ranks, command of knowledge” (Carrot additional effect lowering central air, benefiting the diaphragm and the colon, stilled the five organs and healthy eating); Books clinical improvement Y critical to that carrot is capable of “Peter renal par, coated positive integer, the oocyte groin, lower than soldering. the light from the self swooping” (Need profit organ kidney, strengthening yang air, warm groin, except for welding low … like lighters ready use e) Japanese Book manuscript see the carrot is the drug “therapy has strong ability, nutrition dishonesty, pediatric primary care remains sick, do any trauma education, class labels need to create them “(can cure blindness, malnutrition, child stunting, loss of appetite, dry eyeballs) …

However, in daily life, many people only use carrots as cooking, make pickles, jams mannequin or that do not know how to create refreshing drinks, delicious and convenient – just work nutritious beverage Moreover, it can prevent diseases that are essential components of carrot juice alone or in combination with a few more other vegetables. Below are pleased to introduce a number of typical formulations so that readers can reference and use when needed.

Formula 1: Carrots 150g, 50g honey, just enough cold water to nine. Wash carrots, scrape bark, cut into small pieces and then use the compressor to the water (if there is no real pounding presses the ragged cloth wrapped and squeezed juice), the processing of honey and add just enough water, stirring pour drinks. Services can be obtained very attractive ripe cranberry color, taste naturally. Used for nutritional, immunological capacity of the body, is considered one of the beverage helps prevent high blood pressure very well.

Formula 2: 150g carrots, apples (apple fruit to import from China or Europe) 150g, 15ml lemon juice, honey 10ml. Carrots and apples washed, sliced ​​and then use the compressor to the water (with apple juice immediately because for so long will be discolored, if necessary, soaked in 2-3% saline), the honey and lemon juice the stirring thoroughly and drink daily. This is a drink rich in nutrients, which improves the resistance and help the body restore good health.

Formula 3: Carrots 250g, 250g strawberries, lemon juice 5ml, 2-3 pieces of candy. Wash carrots, scrape bark, cut into slices; wash strawberries, remove stems. Use two presses to get the juice, mixed with sugar candy and lemonade, sharing drinks several times a day. This formula is suitable for people with high blood pressure, nephritis, diabetes, chronic constipation, and dry rough skin women …

Formula 4: 500g carrots, 500g of fresh pear, ripe for cold water 1,000 milliliters, honey 20ml. Le washed drained, soaked with 3% salt water for 15 minutes, then cut into slices, using water presses; washed carrots, sliced ​​razor shell, use the compressor to the water; Hoa juice two to together, processing honey, stir and divide by drinking several times a day. This is a drink rich in nutrition, body strength work force conditions, health improvement, beauty skin and hair, prevent cancer, positive …, particularly suitable for in middle-aged people and seniors.

Formula 5: 100g carrots, 500g sugar, 80g lemon fruit, cooked and cooled just enough water. Wash carrots, scrape bark, cut into slices, stew it tender offers, type of fabric used finely filtered water; Sugarcane block negotiations peel, chop small presses use water; Hoa sugarcane juice and carrot juice together, lemon juice , stir and divide by drinking several times a day. Services can be obtained with a pink gold, sweet fragrance, used as a beverage and good nutrition. According to nutritionists China, these beverages have cancer prevention effects.

Formula 6: 250g carrots, 100g blueberries, 150g ripe banana pepper, a few pieces of candy. Wash carrots, scrape bark, cut into slices, using water presses; Quat squeezed juice; peeled banana pepper, then pour the type of carrot puree and whipped into the water, stirring well mixed, add sugar candy processing, divided drink several times a day. This water smells very special, easy drinking and very high nutritional value, especially suitable for people with high blood pressure and loss of appetite.

Formula 7: Carrots 1.000g, 250g fresh fillings, white sugar as needed. Carrots washed, cut only; Filling seeded, sliced ​​thin; Two things bring pressure to boil water is given, add sugar processing, sharing drinks several times a day. This is a nutritious beverage and very useful, especially suitable for people with sore throats, bronchitis, inflammation amydal, hepatitis …

Modern research shows that carrots are rich in nutrients, in addition to proteins, lipids, glucide and fiber, also contains many trace elements and vitamins, which are the highest levels of carotene (in carrots 100g to 3.62 mg carotene). On the pharmacological effects, carrots have the ability to regulate the physiology of the body, strengthen physical, improve immunity, anti-bacterial, detoxification, lowers blood sugar, active prevention of diseases why vitamin A deficiency, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, angina and myocardial infarction. Recently, many studies have demonstrated carrots also have anti-aging and disease prevention aggressive cancer. That show – the name “Little Ginseng” which gave folk carrot is very worthy.?

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