Foods That Should Not Be In the Refrigerator

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Foods that do not belong in the fridge

Dr. Truong Huong Lan , Institute of Food Technology, said:
There are some foods that should not be frozen ham (small shrimps) because the water content in the ham is easy to become clogged, leading to easy fat oxidation reaction, and ultimately, the quality will decrease.

Tomatoes in the fridge, whole tomatoes or a portion of it will be supported or the stems will crack, easily arise mold or rot.

Cucumbers stored at refrigerator temperature 0 ° C makes the surface of cucumber like it was soaked in water, so losing the natural flavor.

Banana pepper if stored at temperatures below 12 ° C will become black and rot.

If rice is stored in the refrigerator, this will cause the starch to dry makes the rice not taste, eat indigestible.

Sweet potatoes, coffee, mango, colostrum should not be left in the fridge, because if left in the fridge, they will turn black and metamorph.

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