Food for the Complexion Pt. 2

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In my last entry, I talked about food that is good for your skin.  What about food that makes this beautiful organ less than perfect?  This may not be thrilling news because not surprisingly, a lot of the foods that are bad are also ‘delicious.’  I’ll be honest, it’s very difficult to completely eliminate some of the items on the list, but you can certainly reduce the amount you consume.  You also have to be consistent.  If you cut down once or twice a month and go crazy the rest of the days then don’t expect great results.  Keep in mind that these foods not only affect our skin but they also negatively affect other areas of our health.  If you have acne then you should pay particular attention to what you eat.  As I mentioned before, a healthy diet can go a long way.  Check it out!  You’re more than welcome to add to the list!


Dehydrates you and causes bloating –>dull skin


Instant Soups

Frozen Dinners



Tortilla Chips

Salad Dressing

Sugar/High Glycemic Foods

Damages collagen and elastin–>premature wrinkles




Desserts (cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc.)

White Bread/Baguettes

White Rice

Greasy & Fatty Foods

Excess oil–>breakouts


Fast Food

Saturated Fat

Trans Fat

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