Foods for Constipation

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Fiber rich foods are helpful in relieving constipation some act as laxatives and foods with high potassium helps control blood pressure.1 Apples Apple juice contains sugars and liquids so it helps relieve constipation. The fiber content helps regulate bowel movements

2 Banana High in fiber, including bananas in the diet can help restore normal bowel action, helping to overcome the problem .Can act as a laxative though some say bananas are not good for constipation.

3 Beans They act as a laxative.

4 Blueberries Blueberries are rich in fiber and can act as a laxative

5 Cabbage: Presences of roughage in cabbage helps in relieve constipation .Raw cabbage eatenas a salad everyday is very useful for those who suffer from constipation.

6Carrots They are high in fiber .carrot juice can help in making stools soft.

7 Oats because of their high soluble fiber they help in relieving constipation.

8 Wheat germ It is rich in fiber and relieves occasional constipation.

9 Wheat bran It is rich in dietary fiber and thus often helps in relieving occasional constipation.

10 Prunes prunes are most affective in relieving constipation. Doctors often recommend prunejuice for constipation. Prune juice contains natural laxative. Prunes are rich in dietary fiber.

10Foods that help control blood pressure

1 Apricot dried Apricots are helpful in lowering high blood pressure as well as relieve constipation.

2 Avocados They have good sources of potassium and thus helps regulate blood pressure.

3 Bananas Banana is extremely potassium rich and potassium is a mineral which helps maintain blood pressure.

4 Beets Beetroots are used as a treatment for constipation and its juice is used to lower high blood pressure. According to a study drinking 500 ml of beetroot juice helps lower blood pressure within an hour.

5 Broccoli Broccoli is high in glutamic acid which is helpful in reducing blood pressure

6 Figs Figs are rich in fiber as well as potassium so dried figs act as a laxative and helps control blood pressure.

7 Garlic Garlic is said to lower blood pressure. Some say garlic if taken as roasted can help reduce the high blood pressure.

8 Mangoes Mangoes are rich in potassium which is key mineral for lowering high blood pressure.

9 Mushrooms Mushroomshelp lower high blood pressure.

10 Watermelon The juice of watermelon is said to be effective for high blood pressure.

People who suffer from high blood pressure should limit the salt intake in their food.

Some other foods that help in relieving constipation are

Spinach spinach is considered to be helpful in regulating bowel movements. Fresh spinach boiled and taken early in the morning is considered to be useful for relieving constipation.

Some other foods that help regulate blood pressure are

Limes, Lemons, Chestnuts and Cantaloupe.

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