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 gu grains  from both Salvia Hispanica L y are grown in the beautiful Amazon region, where climatic conditions most suitable for this plant.Salba is the scientist in Canada, the U.S. and Europe called the “super food time.” There are many people in the U.S., Canada, Europe used to supplement daily nutritional deficiencies, particularly in the special use prevention and supportive treatment for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, constipation, stress , inflammatory  arthritis, weight loss,  osteoporosis , …

Only 10 grams of Salba seeds (approximately 2 teaspoons) daily supplement will have a balanced vegetarian diet nutrition, adequate supply of omega 3 daily volume of the body, added vitamins, minerals substances, soluble fiber, plant protein nutrient in many foods of high-end follows:

crab salba nutrients than other foods in the wild

With concentrated levels of the above, we can say Salba is ideal food for vegetarians, because this is the supply: 

mega 3 to help mood, anti-inflammatory effect, prevent complications due to blood clots and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Omega 3 found in fish, the human body does not synthesize, vegetarians often missing, resulting in physical fatigue, mental clarity and not susceptible to infections, allergies.nutritional components of Salba seeds were analyzed at the central laboratory analysis services HCMC (2 Phan Ke Binh Q1)

Protein in the grain Salba is also high (21%).The rate of amino acid balance than soy protein, should help the body absorb proteins better and help the healthy vegetarian, improve disease resistance. In addition, Salba whole grain cereals also contain soluble fiber helps to absorb nutrients into the blood from the body so long that it still provides plenty of nutrients. Thus, you can lose weight effectively without feeling hungry. soluble fiber also prevents bad cholesterol from the intestine into the bloodstream. Along with soluble fiberand insoluble fiber in the product to help detoxify the intestinal tract, laxative, anti-constipation.

In particular, Salba contains antioxidants to levels of 1.5 times denser help increase disease resistance, anti-aging, beautiful skin. calcium ratio:magnesium in Salba seeds are (2:1). This ratio is ideal for the body to absorb so helps prevent osteoporosis and weak teeth. The amount ofiron in the product is high, preventing iron deficiency anemia – causes of fatigue often and do not focus.

Based on nutrient content in the grain Salba contains, Professor VladimirVuskan et University of St. ichael in Toronto – Canada , has been clinical research on diabetes, high blood pressure, reducing hunger, the results clinical studies again screen pop ng to work dunes of the great grain Salba g  for normal and vegetarian. 
Salba seeds using simple and handy
Grain Salba is very convenient and easy to use just soak for 10 minutes with hot water, seeds will bloom into gel particles as é, colorless and when mixed with other dry foods ng affect taste, helps food to eat more appealing and more taste.

* The materials of grain Salba helps balance nutrition for vegetarians in the world (English):

_  Salba substitute for eggs .

_  Salba suitable for vegans in particular and people in general

_  Salba is certified as vegan food in America .

_  protein in Salba is extracted, to make protein supplements for vegetarians.

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