Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween everyone! I wanted to post some simple tips on how to have a fun and safe Halloween with your children. I’ll be taking my nephew this year as he is a little older now. This is one of the most fun times of the year for little children. They get to dress up in their favorite costume, have a bucket ready to go ask for candy. It’s a pretty simple task as you walk up to a pathway and ring or knock on the door, yell “trick or treat” and get candy. Unfortunately, it’s not all too simple.

If you plan on going trick or treating with them, here are some tips I’ve used during my younger years as a fellow trick or treater.

1. Choose a safe and brightly lit area

I’ve been to some areas in the past that were a bit on the dark side. No street lamps, just porch lights. Some kids usually trick or treat in their neighborhoods, but some parents may choose to drive them elsewhere. Choose a route you’re familiar and comfortable with.

2. Malls or stores

Did you know that malls and your local shops offer candies as well? You can safely trick or treat in the mall with your children and hit up store to store.

3. Bring a flashlight

Some costumes have a light reflector, others don’t. Make sure to wear something bright so you and your child are well-lit. Have others notice you as they walk or drive up and down the streets. Flash the light on the path you’re walking.

4. Porch lights

Pay attention to porch lights. If a porch light is off, it usually means the owner of the house is unavailable to pass out candy. Remind your child to skip those houses and go to the next.

5. Plan a time

Some trick or treat as early as 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm. As you plan your route, plan on how long it’ll take to cover that road. If you feel like your child may want to trick or treat the whole neighborhood, start a little earlier.

6. Trick or treat!

Remind your children to politely yell trick or treat and thank the person who’s passing out the candy.

7. Sorting candy

This is the part they await the most after trick or treating. If you have young ones, feel free to sort through it with them and remove the candy you feel they shouldn’t eat. Remember to throw away any candies that are out of the wrappers or looks as though it’s been tampered with.

8. Brush those teeth!

Your child may sneak in a Halloween candy or two, but remember to have them brush their teeth after.

Have a fun and safe trick or treat!
Now, some tips for the adults.

If you’re planning on going to a party and drinking, please have a designated driver available or call a car service like Uber or taxis. Have fun partying, but party safely. If you’re driving yourself or someone home, please be careful of road conditions and fellow drivers. Check Sigalert or Google for accidents, detours, constructions, and other road hazards. I myself may have a drink or two when I’m out, but I always make sure to have a DD with me. Unfortunately, although we may not be the ones driving drunk, that doesn’t stop others from doing so. So please stay safe this weekend and Happy Halloween!

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