Happy November!

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November is upon us and California is starting to finally feel like fall. We had a bit of a rain shower for a short period of time on Halloween night. It was refreshing and well-needed, because of the drought. I hope your Halloween was amazing and fun! Did any of you throw parties or take your little ones trick or treating? 

Now that Halloween is over, I would like to remind our readers that it is time to change the clocks. The clock will fall backwards 1 hour. You’ll gain an extra hour of sleep now. So remember to change the clocks on any electronic device you own that needs changing. Now that November is here, it’s only 3 weeks away from Thanksgiving. We’ll start introducing some history and fun recipes to try for the month of November and the upcoming Thanksgiving. 

Since Thanksgiving is the time of giving, our amazing founder at VeganRUs.com is participating in an annual event to help the homeless who live on the streets of Los Angeles. She and many other volunteers will be participating in trying to raise money to buy blankets and give to the homeless. Winter is a very cold time of year anywhere, but it’s especially cold for those who sleep on the streets. Thanks to many sponsors who donated last year, they were able to acquire close to 1,500 blankets and 1,200 bowls of instant noodles to pass out. If any of our readers would like to contribute, feel free to leave a message and we will contact you. With the donated money, Kimberly and the volunteers plans to pass out the blankets on November 26, 2014. We hope to make this year a success as well! 

Click the link to view our Facebook page for pictures from last year’s donations. https://www.facebook.com/pages/VeganRUscom/209110669180300

Check back with us as we welcome November!

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