Here are some remedies or to prevent and treat back pain.

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Back pain is a common symptom in many internal surgical pathology. Usually when treating back pain, doctors of traditional medicine or using measures such as tablets and remove outer cover, acupuncture, acupressure, qigong, tai training. However, there is a therapy that is simple but very significant in supporting treatment and prevention of aggressive recurrence of back pain condition but people still pay less attention to, which is the selection and use reasonably common foods daily. So, people with back pain should I eat? Below, are pleased to introduce a number of foods recommended for readers to refer and apply:

Black sesame

Name drugs are winning distance, sweet, calculated average, which uses carefully. Book manuscript draft section for that black sesame is capable contingent of damaged organs, increases vitality and strong tendons. Tho family nursing policy advocated neo-letter black sesame alcohol to treat joint pain, limb weakness and fatigue back knee pain in older people. Folk black sesame porridge used to treat kidney and system requirements.

Lotus seeds are suitable for chronic back pain

Lotus seeds

E also known as flesh, sweet, warm computer, which uses nursing care, help the kidneys, addition. Japanese flower book manuscript to death that the conjunction of love system works. Book manuscript draft section also wrote: “The delivery of mental death, the post-colon, intentionally and gas, power balance remains, additional damage, good ear items, except for welding low.” Therefore, lotus seeds are suitable for chronic back pain due to kidney failure or is accompanied by low welding.

Vegetable seeds shallots and chives

Also known as libelous and defamatory behavior element.Vegetables will be used to moderate medium shallots, onions and gas, hemolysis, “warming the back knee” (Japanese flower from the manuscript), “territorial positive kidney failure, the real positive shock, or have any territorial system” (The main circuit tone).Common folk shallots fried vegetables with sesame oil 60g shallots eat or wash vegetables, juice from the juice and then mixed with a little wine to treat chronic back pain. Shallot seeds which uses carefully warmed back pillow, trying to fine pitch, great for those who use pain knee strain due to cold.

Chestnuts used to treat back pain.


Gas Used for kidney, spleen and events, strengthen your back knee. Thien Kim weak method books wrote: “Born to spend, even charges of helpless love.” Scientist Li Shizhen is recommended that: to treat back pain every day should eat 10 fake walnut or chestnut porridge to eat regularly.


Will be used to help the kidneys, spleen conditions, additional waste. Special Book Written record: “Kudzu just love system” (skeptical paint will be used to treat back pain). 30g to 60g per day using security as, processing more candy making desserts

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