What Should You Eat If You Have High Cholesterol?

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Many people are disturbed by their blood test results and do not know what to eat to treat their high cholesterol.
The dietitian recommends that those with high cholesterol need to restrict caloric intake because if your diet has a high amount of fat, the body will not be able to process it and it will end up turning into fatty deposits throughout the body. People with high cholesterol normally consume animal fat which contains a lot cholesterol. They can also get it from meat, organ meats, and stir fry dishes with grease … They use vegetable oil instead of animal fats in the oil because there is no cholesterol. If one has high blood cholesterol, he/she should limit eating animal fat to 25g/day.

Tofu dish is a recommended daily dish for people with high blood cholesterol

For those with high cholesterol, they should limit eating eggs to 2.3 times a week. Instead, you can have beans on the side, sesame peanuts and more vegetables and fiber. If your body has a high amount of fat, you should reduce your calorie intake, eat less rice, limit candies, and soft drinks. Increasing physical activity can reduce body weight and therefore can help fight against high cholesterol.

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