Lung Food Supplements

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The chronic lung disease is the leading cause of cause of death for many people.

In addition to giving up smoking, healthy living environment, the additional note of the following foods will help reduce the risk of diseases such as asthma or cancer. Sweet potatoes moist environment of the lung is the “pitch play “ideal breeding, fertility for bacteria. The body’s immune system will control the growth of bacteria. However, if the body fails to produce enough vitamin A, your immune system will not work well as usual. According to health experts, lung vitamin A helps eliminate harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of cancer lung. And sweet potatoes are rich sources of vitamin A nutritional one. A medium potato contains more than 500% daily vitamin A requirement for the body (as reported by You can use sweet potatoes for baking or added as part of soup, salad vegetables, fruits and roots. Vegetables Broccoli Broccoli is rich in anti-chemical oxygen and vitamin C, the active ingredients help the economic recovery lung cells damaged by air pollution or toxins that you breathe.According to a study of British city hospital, after monitoring the diets of 2600 adults, the results show that people who supplement enough vitamin C as operational requirements, the lungs better than those without enough vitamin C supplementation in the diet.Skimmed Milk Skimmed Milk and other dairy products is one of the sources of foods rich in vitamin D. Vitamin D is synthesized from vitamin often to UV light. However, many people do not load enough of this important vitamin. Vitamin D helps to support the treatment of COPD or asthma. Also, this vitamin is also against the harmful process of creating lung cancer tissue and reduce the risk of acute or chronic pneumonia. According dantonic

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