Mother’s Day Ideas

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April barely brought in any showers for us Californians, but I hope we still get some beautiful May flowers. With Mother’s day coming up on Sunday, many of us may be rushed for gift ideas or dinner plans. Mother’s day is also one of the busiest Sundays for many restaurants. Here are some ideas if you’re stumped.

1. Homemade card

How about making a homemade card instead of buying one? I bought a set of box cards at Michael’s where you can decorate it or embellish it to your liking. It was a set of 6 different designs, but you can get really creative with the designs. It also leaves a touching impression when you’ve made it from scratch.

2. Photo album

Make a photo album with pictures for your mom. From baby pictures to grandchildren pictures. These days, you can even make a photo book online. You can also buy cute photo books at a craft store and add a touch of your own creativeness to it. How about getting a canvas printed for her to hang somewhere in her home?

3. Dinner

If you’re thinking of making dinner, what about one pot dinners to save time? Make everything in a roast pan or crock pot.

4. Dessert

You can take her out for desserts after dinner, or even whip something up yourself. What about a dessert the whole family can make together? Ice cream sundaes, skillet cookies or brownies to share.

5. Flowers

Instead of fresh flowers, what about origami or paper flowers? They last forever and they’re really pretty to make. I’m personally not very talented in the origami department. Luckily, there are tons of instructional videos available on YouTube for paper flower art.

6. Video

If you have old videos of yourself and your mom, how about making a compilation video? If you’re now a parent yourself, you can also include clips of your mom with her grandchild.

7. Relaxation Time

If your mom enjoys being pampered, how about taking her to a spa or to get her nails done? A body massage would be nice too.

8. Beauty Products

Skincare is very important. You can put together a basket of skincare products for her to use. Don’t forget to pick items with SPF as well. As you get older, you should continue to protect your skin from UV-Rays. My mom loves Bath & Body Works products, so I put together a basket of her favorite scent of lotion to body wash.

9. Health

We sometimes get too busy and forget to take care of ourselves, but it’s especially more important for the elderly to take care of themselves. Offer to drive your mom to get her eyes checked out, or for an overall health checkup. Ears are important too! So what about a hearing test?

10. Shopping Spree

Maybe your mom needs some new clothes or items for her home? What about taking her to department stores for her to pick out something she’ll like.

Whatever you decide to do for Mother’s Day, we hope you have a great one. We should celebrate our mother’s everyday and remind them of how thankful we are for everything they’ve done, and continue to do for us. Have a great weekend everyone!

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