Principles vegetarian weight loss

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Meat diet is not necessarily give us a slim and healthy body. To be successful in weight loss, you should observe the following.


No junk food

Snacks such as cakes, chips can make you gain weight because they are often high in fat.

Limit use of fats

Especially in the processing of fried, fried.

Vitamins and minerals.

A healthy vegetarian diet should give you a full range of nutrients that the body requires. If for some reason certain that your diet does not provide enough nutrients for you, or you get tired, can ask the advice of the dietitian to take some extra vitamin blend case. But absolutely do not use them for a meal replacement.

Many dishes for each meal

because no plant foods that are rich in protein and nutrients such as meat.

If you do not eat meat, combine different vegetables in a meal is provided to the body of nutrients. The nutrients found in meat that few of these foods include: iron, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc and protein.

Classification of nutrients

Iron : cashews, tomatoes, oranges, tofu, peas, green beans

Calcium foods made ​​from milk, soy milk, water can, tofu, broccoli.

Vitamin D: milk, soy milk, cereal.

Vitamin B12 : eggs, dairy foods are beef, soybeans, grains.

Zinc : whole grains, wheat, barley, eggs, dairy foods, tofu, green leafy vegetables, root vegetables.

Protein : peas, processed foods from soybean seeds.

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