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– Sitting for long, the pressure of work and life, lack of exercise … often makes our bodies feel pain, likely to cause the disease, adversely affect health. Tip your eight natural foods below not only helps reduce pain and also beneficial to health.
Cereals (maize, millet, sticky cam, sorghum, oats, beans …)

Whole grains contain fiber-rich, well suited for food to lose weight, but still provide enough essential nutrients to your body. Also, this is also a good source of magnesium rich elements. Medical research has proven, magnesium can shorten the duration of pain in the body organs effectively.

Olive oil

In olive oil-rich content of polyphenol antioxidants. This substance is recognized that the ability to reduce pain. In addition, the content of unsaturated fat rich in olive oil helps to increase bone health and prevention of diseases related.


Natural color of strawberries have shown vitamin C rich. This is also antioxidants, naturally very strong pain. Having discovered research, vitamin C also helps prevent arthritis and complications of the disease.


In green vegetables contain abundant vitamin K, have been found to reduce pain and help maintain healthy bones and joints. As green leafy vegetables, vitamin K is more.

Dairy products

Yogurt and other dairy products but no significant analgesic effect as the above foods, but two elements calcium and vitamin D which can also bring effective in reducing symptoms of chronic pain .

The drinks made from grapes

Everything you need is a bottle of wine and a glass of wine. So you can help reduce pain in muscles and joints. Red wine, grape juice … are effective pain relievers such as aspirin. However, experts also advise you not to drink more than one glass of wine / day. Because of the drinks made from grapes contain resveratrol, the element should not be too much load on the body. This element is in all grape-related food. Therefore, you should not eat grapes and drink wine or grape juice in the same one day

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