The misconception about vegetarian food

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In my opinion, a meal should provide adequate protein, and meat is always the best choice. However, experts say, skip a meal with meat is not hard to level as you think. Here are 5 common misconception about fruit and vegetables before using them as vegetarian food.

A. Do not absorb enough nutrients, especially protein


Vegetarian meals are full of colorful 
foods will never make you bored 

Wrong . In fact, the average woman needs 46g protein / day and a cup of beans can help provide one third of this amount. But the problem will be exacerbated if you order in carbohydrates (found in white bread), sugar and transfat push back the healthy choice. According to Dr. Reed Mangels, nutrition counseling group plans to vegetarian (The Vegetarian Resource Group), said: “Focus on eating fried foods, legumes, beans, fruits and vegetables, you get everything you need, including protein “. The fact that vegetarian diets are usually fiber, Mg, K, vitamin C, E, folate, carotenoids, flavonoids and other chemicals from high pass, more salt diet.

Two. Need to eat “fake” if you are dieting actually

Sai. long, everyone had a vegetarian diet is nutrition, before there’s hamburger made ​​from soy or vegetarian foods similar in appearance. “Mother Nature” will know how to help provide what you need.

3. A high carbohydrate diet that is repeated several times

False. For apart from meat, they must think more food should be vegetarian to eat different foods than people who eat meat. The meals are full of rainbow colors of foods including vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, legumes … will never make you bored.

4. The vegetable plate with high fat

Sai. amount of fat cheese similar in principle be used as food in this guide to start fasting. According to Deborah Madison, author of “Vegetarian Cooking for everyone,” today’s culinary traditions of each nation will increase flavor to dishes of vegetables through its color or spice , which is very fatty.

Five. You will never feel full

False . The truth is that if you eat more foods from plants, you are amending sungrat fiber – it helps you no longer, prevent snacking after just eaten. In addition, food intake from legumes also provide enough protein to help fight hunger.

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