The nutritional value of tofu

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Tofu is rich in nutrient elements beneficial to human body such as iron, calcium, magnesium … Tofu also works to aid in the prevention and treatment of some diseases is very effective when combined with some spices and food. Tofu is a product made ​​from various beans (green beans, black beans ) but mostly made ​​from soybeans. It is one of the popular dishes of Vietnamese Vietnamese with premium features such as easy to eat, easily digestible, nutritious, easy processing, low price …eat tofu regularly foster effective body, utility gas, heat, beverages, cleaning intestines and stomach. To benefit the physical heat, foul mouth or thirst, or for those who have suffered from heat. Modern medicine also demonstrated, tofu is very beneficial for the development of teeth and bones, increasing iron content in the process of hematopoiesis. With estrogen rich plants, tofu can prevent the effects of osteoporosis. In addition, tofu contains no cholesterol, so it is a good food for people in blood pressure and heart disease. Department of heart disease when cholesterol levels are too high in the body more susceptible to heart disease. So each day should eat a little tofu or tofu preparations is the secret to preventing cardiovascular disease (according to research reports of U.S. FDI). Cancer Prevention Currently, many families themselves say soybean cooking water. Most of the trio. But frankly the nutrients found in soy-bean is rich and varied. In addition, scientists also found in soybean residue containing anticancer agents, regularly eat products made ​​from soybean residue will help prevent prostate cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the urinary tract.

Slimming effect for the

following fresh tofu coagulation process produces an acidic substance, this substance can destroy fat accumulation in the body. Tofu frozen during decomposition but not nutrients, so eat more tofu tofu, especially east is the slimming effect. It is beneficial for middle-aged women with age, hormone testoterol women began to decline, the differential cross section of this hormone is not enough, many diseases will appear. The medical experts found in tofu female hormone analogs such as this, so can eat tofu significant additional hormone deficiency in the body. Every day should drink 50 ml of soy milk or tofu 100g or more will work well for middle-aged women. There are some noted that any food should always be certain dosage, if used too will lead to adverse effects, tofu, too, but nutrient rich but if you eat too much also bring harm to health. disadvantage if you eat too much tofu – Leads to Indigestion: protein in tofu is very rich. If you eat too much of a meal not only obstacles to the absorption of iron but also lead to the consumption of protein is not good, appear bloating, diarrhea. – To promote the formation of arterial sclerosis: medical experts American pointed out, eating too much soy products can lead to coronary atherosclerosis.– Leads to lack of iodine: a substance in soy promote excretion of iodine in the body, so if you eat too much tofu long periods can lead to lack of iodine. It can be seen tofu good though, should not eat too much, especially during a meal. The elderly and people with kidney disease, iron deficiency anemia, coronary artery disease should be used sparingly. Conclusion: Tofu and soy are soy products should basically very good for health but depending on the processing and storage. If conditions are the wise consumer should choose the reputable facility to purchase this product without processing conditions to obtain.

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