Vegetarian foods that contain essential nutrients?

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To ensure health as a vegetarian, you need to change food by relying on regular rates when choosing nutritional foods …


I am vegetarian menu, seek medical advice me some vegetarian foods have essential nutrients to the body is not lacking in substance. Thank you doctor. 


Here is the nutritional value of some vegetarian foods that you can use the option: Iron: found in pasta, rice, bread, cereals of all kinds of oats, rice circuit, beans, sunflower seeds, beans, white bread, tomato juice, broccoli and dried fruits like apricots, grapes, plums … Zinc: soy milk, tofu, wheat germ, nuts and seeds types. Vitamin B12: low fat milk and skim milk, cereal, soy milk. Calcium: Low fat and nonfat milk, soy milk, orange juice, broccoli, tofu, fruit melon, kale, blind mustard greens, nuts. Vitamin D: low-fat and nonfat milk, soy milk, soy yogurt, regular yogurt, cereal. Vitamin A: fat and low fat milk, fruits and vegetables such as squash dark corn, carrots, cantaloupe, spinach, kale … Omega 3 walnuts, soy nuts.
It is important to note, not a dish to provide adequate nutrients needed to ensure health, you need food regularly change based on the percentage by nutrition when selecting food . Besides that, combined with yoga, meditation, avoid tobacco smoke, alcohol is a positive factor for the health to prevent disease.

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