Vegetarianism TO PROTECT HEALTH.

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Fasting not only to purify the body, improve morale but also help us to protect and maintain health.  Route to natural foods. 

                                                                                Vegetarian food nutrition health
Healthy living requires an appropriate diet every day. And it is better to be eaten with vegetables, not merely meat. Here are some important facts you need to know about vegetarian food. 

Because the infection is mainly transmitted from animals to people more and more health conscious decided to switch to more vegetables.
                                                                                            Vegetarian food is healthy

The research of nutritionists have confirmed that large amounts of fat and cholesterol found in animals has made them fearful and insecure. 
The rise of avian flu, colon cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, mad cow disease and a number of unusual infections or even can not explain the other is regarded as the effects of eating meat.
Nothing is guaranteed to cure all these diseases should therefore pay attention to preventive measures. The nutrition experts recommend consuming more fruits and vegetables to minimize the possibility of infection and strengthen the immune system of our body.
Vegetarians are generally classified into 4 groups:
(1) Vegans – abstaining from all food derived from animals. People often or the perception that this group is vegetarian vegetarian actually. These people mainly eating only vegetables in my life even though they also use fruit as food supplements.
(2) Fasting drink cow’s milk but not eggs. It is the seller of fasting (half vegetarian). They do not eat red meat (pork, beef, goat, sheep), but the white meat (chicken, turkey), fish, eggs and milk …
(3) Vegetarians have cow’s milk. group drinking milk and eating dairy products.
(4) Fasting has both milk and eggs.

There are a number of vegetarians to the extreme. They do not use clothes made from animals like leather, fur, wool or processed food industry, alcohol and foods with pesticide use during growth.
The idea of ​​fasting rooted philosophical beliefs, religious traditions and teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism. The followers of these religions have the same perspective as non-animal food because all beings are equal. They also uphold the precepts killing, reincarnation between species and respect for the welfare of all species including humans and all creatures.

                                                                                 Fasting is also nurturing compassion

In the 19th century, vegetarianism has overcome the boundaries of religious organizations and form  The Vegetarian Society  – a non-religious institutions of England was established in 1847.
Like the ancient tradition, current vegetarians refuse meat still in your diet because they think that killing animals is a violation of faith and ideals. This fact has been accepted worldwide, including non-vegetarian. They maintain strong stance that vegetables do well enough to stomach it, because the vegetables are very low in cholesterol, salt and saturated fat.

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