Vegetarians Why not be published Garlic (Five Spices Tan)?

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Q: Dear white teacher, I do not understand why a Buddhist vegetarians do not eat when the new team? Eat the new team how bad that not eating?Respectfully ask him to answer compassion for us is clear.

A: According to Mahayana Buddhist tradition known as Buddhism develop, then Buddhists should be vegetarians abstain when the new team. Five years of the new dish is pungent smell of spices, including: Action (the long way) chives (from), garlic (of mathematics), type (spread through) and manic pile, the scientific name is Allium fistulosum, is in the shape and flavor similar to root compression is not available in China and Vietnam (Han Buddhist Encyclopedia – Vietnam, Social Science Publisher p. 806).

The reason why Buddhists should not eat these things, because these represent characteristics of the elements it contains irritants and pungent taste, if they eat a lot of body odor, nervous and excited education. Therefore, that in Shurangama Sutra, vol 8, says: “The beings for Meditation (Samadhi) should not eat spicy food in the world. As in spicy dishes cooked then found that if sex, raw anger is born.

Those who eat spicy food in the even that talented preacher twelve divisions, ten deities are disparaging foulness and alienation. The devil who ate at that instant drag to select some licked his lips, licking the edge of them, so usually living with the devil. Merit of the new five servings a day target gradually. Bodhisattvas of the ten angels and not to support him “. Thus, Brahma Net Sutra, the lower atmosphere, says: “As Buddhists do not eat the new team, if someone intentionally commits contempt profile crimes eat.”

However, in medicine, said the new team containing several active ingredients to boost the immune system, is used to prevent and treat disease. The latest study by the World Health Organization (WHO) on garlic and onions first to cure the flu, heart disease and cancer, etc. … So, so for the purpose of preventing or curing disease, then at a certain extent, the Buddhist vegetarians can also be used.

According to University of the Western Lands Tripitaka Master Hsuan then: “The monks in the Western Region, if anyone gets sick, as directed by the physician must use the new, interim Marble is used in its own right but a place, isolated. After the disease, have a clean shower, change clothes, new to the increase in common with them. “

This, tantric teachings, professional mantras, absolutely not eat. Because this type of eating, the spiritual mantras will not experience. But for those who practice the Catholic Show, the other. Because the show does not focus on the teacher mantras should not have Buddha absolutely prohibited.

According to the Master’s answer on this matter Thanh Tu, the question of a Buddhist, is recorded in the 33 tape explaining the Zen Patriarchs India and China, said the Abbot, who Show Buddhists practice the teachings, they can still use these things.

But as mentioned above, is used only in a certain extent, to prevent treatment only, not to use excessive, counterproductive but harmful to health. But it is a medicine, but if overused, it is also easy to cause harm.

In brief, abstaining from the new residence, for the Buddhist renunciation in the religious or esoteric, absolutely never use them. In contrast, practice the Buddhist teachings show, there is no absolute abstinence. However, if a Buddhist vegetarian maintaining abstinence but do not eat, it is also very good way.

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