About the Host

The Modeling Days

Kimberly Vodang’s poise and charismatic personality have made her a success in beauty pageants. Of course, that is aside from her stunning beauty. She is Ms. Asia USA 2009 and Ms. America International 2011. For those of you who don’t know, one her secrets to beauty and health has been her vegan diet. She has been a practicing vegan for 20 years. Now she wants to share her ideas about preparing vegan food with anyone interested in this wholesome lifestyle.

Why Become a Vegan?

Kimberly and her parents have embraced the vegan way of life and have given it their seal of approval. Kimberly decided to be a vegan after becoming aware of the meat industry’s abuse towards animals and the numerous benefits of a vegan diet. She realized that animals are sentient beings and are just as capable of experiencing emotions such as pain, fear, and happiness. She believes all animals should be treated with respect and should be given the opportunity to live and die with dignity. In addition, going vegan has health benefits and it helps the environment. Meat contains saturated fat, cholesterol, and substances that many of us aren’t aware of. In contrast, plant-based food has been associated with a decreased risk in cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. If that wasn’t enough, vegans tend to live 10 years longer than those who eat meat.

Why Should You Visit Us?

Kimberly’s mission is to educate people on the vegan lifestyle and encourage everyone to try it. She strongly believes that being a vegan has helped her maintain physical and mental well-being. So she decided to share her knowledge in hopes that her cooking ideas would make the vegan diet more accessible to those who are not too sure where to start. Therefore, every week our shows will present trendy and new vegan food. The shows will range from easy to make, simple everyday food to more complex and luxury food for vegan parties. Our presentations will be an essential handbook to help people choose vegan products, and we will also share the nutrition facts. With our help, even the clumsiest of cooks will be able to prepare vegan food that will impress their guests. Overall, through our shows, people will be able to enjoy delicious vegan food everyday!