Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year where we either enjoy Christmas shopping or completely dread it. My family has hosted 3 Christmas present exchange parties. We’ve done 2 White Elephants now and just wrapped up our Secret Santa. For the White Elephant game, it can be pretty hard to find a gift when you’re stump on ideas. Most people may resort to gift cards as that would be the easiest. It can get hard to be creative when you’re getting a gift. At least with Secret Santa, you write a list of things you like and they have a general idea of what to get you. Depending on your budget, here are some gift ideas I’ve come up with from our past Christmas party gatherings. 

Christmas Ideas:

1. Plush toys

I’m not sure about you, but I still love getting plush toys. Especially the cute character ones like Rilakkuma or Hello Kitty. 

2. Cups/Mugs

When I was stumped for gifts, I would pick up these adorable mugs from the Disney store. A participant from our White Elephant last year was able to win an adorable set of Snoopy cups. How about a tea pot set? 

3. Electronic devices

Most of us now carry smartphones and those things drain our battery like no tomorrow. How about picking up a portable charger? I like having a storage drive on hand in case I need to transfer files, so what about a USB flash drive? Earbuds are great too, as I’ve read that many people tend to lose them or they go bad. 

4. Candles

That smell of vanilla or apple crisp is very warming during the cold weather. I personally like having candles in my room and bathroom.

5. Throw blanket

Since Christmas is during the winter season for most of us, getting a nice fluffy throw blanket is nice. I always appreciate a nice throw blanket for the living room.

6. Photo frame 

If you know the person, how about a personalized photo frame? There are some amazing photo canvas prints available for great prices. If you love arts and crafts, how about creating your own collage? You can put as many pictures and designs on them to give it that personal touch.

7. Board/card games

Speaking of White Elephant, last year 4 of our participants brought board games! What are the chances? I recently played Cranium and found the game quite fun. There’s the ever so mischievous, Cards Against Humanity.

8. DVD

Is your gift receiver always talking about a favorite show or movie? How about picking up a copy of the DVD for them? Many DVDs have a special set collection. 

9. Gift cards

Yes.. that impersonal gift. Although you think that person just ran to the nearest store for a gift card, sometimes that’s the best they can come up with. I personally don’t mind receiving gift cards. 

10. Gift baskets

Still can’t figure out what to get that person? How about a gift basket of something they may like. It can range from lotion, makeup, wine, or food. You can even create your own gift basket to give.

I tried to make this list as a gender neutral as possible as well as staying within a limited budget. I avoided the option of clothing because it’s hard to shop for someone. It’s already hard enough shopping for ourselves, so let’s not put that stress on ourselves to find something for someone else. With kids, you have the option to buy toys or clothing. As a general rule, always buy a size up with children’s clothing, unless the child’s size runs small. Include a gift receipt with all present giving as well. Don’t panic if you haven’t found something before Christmas, I too have picked up presents at the last minute. Sometimes that’s the best time to get it when you’re short on time. You’ll get a great deal and maybe you’ll find that perfect gift. We’re now 5 days away from Christmas. Have a great weekend all.

To our readers:

Have you participated in a White Elephant or Secret Santa game with family/friends or coworkers? What were some of your gift ideas? Share with us in the comment section!

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