Host A Fun Food Night

My family and I love having gatherings at our home with close friends. We would always provide the food and try to be creative with our menu. At times we would just resort to throwing marinated meat and vegetables on the grill. It becomes a bit hard for us to continuously be creative when we’re hosting the get together. This year, we decided to try theme parties. Our first theme party was a success and we plan to have it again next year. The year is almost coming to an end, so we’re having just a couple more gatherings. Here are some ideas from the top of my head.

Theme party ideas:

1. Try cultural themes

Host a taco night or a pasta night. Get the family and friends involved. Experiment with other cultures that you feel adventurous in trying.

2. Alcohol night

Most people seem to enjoy their alcohol. How about using the alcohol in your food theme. Some food and dessert recipes call for red wine or white wine. Make a fruit alcohol cocktail. Try a fun peach and white wine or champagne sauce dessert.

3. Pot luck/Buffet style

This is a typical theme for family and friends. Everybody bring a dish to the party. You can turn the pot luck into a buffet style as well.

4. Summer theme

Anything related when you think of summertime. Hot dogs, watermelon, corn, chips & salsa.

5. Noodle night

You can be creative with this. It can be stir fried noodles or ramen night.

6. One pot meal

How about trying those crock pot meals? Everything in one pot. Set it and forget it.

7. Fruit & dessert night

Go out for dinner, but come home for the dessert! Have some fruit and wine. Make the dessert ahead of time. How about making a delicious banana split?

8. Food on a stick

Put everything you can think of on a stick. Meat, vegetables, and fruit. Throw some on the grill or in the oven.

9. Pizza night

Make your own pizza! Buy frozen dough and multiple toppings and each person builds their own. Throw in the oven or under the grill. Get creative with the toppings here. From different cheeses to vegetables and sauces.

10. Movie or book themes

Have a favorite book or movie? How about recreating the foods from what you’ve read. Harry Potter theme with those jelly beans or from the movie Chocolat with anything chocolate. I remember from the movie Chocolat that she made a chocolate sauce for a meat dish. Yum!

All these themes can definitely be turned into Vegetarian or Vegan for your guests. You can even just have a veggie night and be creative with it. Make a fruit bowl salad using the watermelon core. Have fun with it. Don’t stress too much about the planning.

So what do you usually serve when you host a gathering? We’d love to know! Leave a comment below.

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