Making Time for Breakfast

We’ve always heard someone say to never skip breakfast and that it was the most important meal of the day. Well, that’s not a fib and they really do mean it. But in this day and age where life is hectic, do you have time for breakfast? I don’t and I’m a victim of skipping breakfast. So why shouldn’t we skip breakfast? Research shows that skipping breakfast can make you gain more weight and tends to make one eat more at the next meal. Studies suggest that you can add more body fat when eating fewer larger meals versus those who eat the same amount of calories in smaller and more frequent meals.

Everyone needs a good healthy breakfast in the morning. It’s a great way to get your metabolism working throughout the day. Having breakfast also stops the urge of binge eating. It keeps you focused and gives you energy. Eating breakfast can also help in maintaining a healthy body weight and keeps you on track with your weight goal. It can also have a good effect on maintaining blood sugar levels. Eating high energy foods for breakfast can also help boost those who suffer from short-term memory. Having a nutritious breakfast can be beneficial on your concentration and can help get all the nutrients your body needs. Namely fiber, important vitamins and minerals that help your body function.

Of course it’s always easier to grab a doughnut or pick up breakfast from a fast food joint, but try to resist the urge. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a hearty meal like a big breakfast burrito. That might actually have the opposite affect and you might feel more sluggish during the day. If you have to grab from a fast food, try convenient stores that carry healthy breakfast. Try looking into your local market that serve healthy breakfast. Chain stores such as Panera Bread or Corner Bakery carry a big selection of healthy eating.

So what are some simple and quick breakfast to try if you just don’t have the time to make it. The quickest breakfast would be cereal, but of course that can get boring if eaten everyday. There’s always the classic toast and jam. How about a warm bowl of oatmeal? There’s instant oats that just need a little warm cup of milk or water to mix in with. You can add anything to that as well!. Try fresh fruit, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Pre-cut your fruits ahead of time and store in a ziplock. No time to cut up fruits? No problem, how about some blueberries? Give them a little rinse and throw it into your oatmeal mix. Make granola bars from scratch, it’s quick and simple. Bake some healthy muffins and store them away. Remember the mean green smoothies? That’s great to try here for breakfast! Replace a breakfast meal for a yummy smoothie instead.

Feeling international? In other countries, they have rice and soup for breakfast. Koreans will have a main soup or meat dish and 5+ side dishes for breakfast. Japanese will have soup as well with a fried fish, and other side dishes as well. For kids in Japan, mothers will make onigiri (Rice Ball) which instantly satisfies a child’s belly. It’s a rice ball traditionally shaped as a triangle and wrapped in seaweed. Some onigiri’s have a special treat in the middle like umeboshi (pickled plums) or meat like tuna or shredded pork. Kids love their fried eggs, so you might see fried egg rolls or fried eggs. In China, breakfast is also a big thing so getting dim sum or yum cha is common. Porridge is also eaten in the morning in many Asian countries. No matter where you are, breakfast is widely eaten and enjoyed.

Try to take time out of your busy life and enjoy breakfast. If you can’t have a sit down breakfast, take your breakfast on the road with you. There are plenty of recipes out there for quick and easy breakfasts that can be prepared in advance to enjoy.

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