Soy Yogurt

I’m a big fan of yogurt. It’s great as a quick breakfast or snack and comes in so many flavors. Unfortunately for vegans out there, yogurt contains dairy. Luckily for you, there are dairy-free yogurts to enjoy! Vegan yogurts come in different varieties and are healthy replacement for dairy yogurts. Vegan yogurts use alternative milk sources such as soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk.

Silk is a great brand to try. They carry everything dairy-free. Their Silk milk line is delicious also. Try their Fruit & Creamy lines of yogurt. They carry the following flavors of yogurt to try: Black Cherry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach Mango, and Vanilla. Silk should be easy to find at your local supermarket. Their yogurts are made from wholesome Silk soymilk, contains an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. Free of dairy, lactose, gluten, casein, egg, and MSG. No artificial colors or flavors. They’re Non-GMO certified. Give their product a try.

If you’re looking for another brand of soy yogurt, try WholeSoy & Co. They are an independently owned company located in San Francisco, California. WholeSoy & Co carries 12 different flavors to try from. Go to the company website to find a store near you that carries their brand. Their yogurt is made from soybeans, evaporated cane juice, natural colors, fruits. Very natural and yummy to try.

Can’t find soy yogurt in any stores near you? How about trying to make it at home. Yes, you can also make dairy-free yogurt at home! Try this recipe from with no mess, no fuss machines.

Homemade Vegan Yogurt

1. Choose your milk
So many options to choose from: unsweetened, original, organic almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, rice milk, hemp milk.

2. Thickener
Many thickeners can work, such as: flax seed, arrowroot, tapioca flour, agar agar, guar gum, soy lecithin granules, xantham gum, soy and sunflower lecithin. See link for instructions.

3. Flavor
Fruits, sweeteners. Frozen fruit needs to be at room temperature or slightly warm.

4. Culture
Yogurt is a process of fermentation and therefore needs bacteria to be added to the milk to make a reaction. Here is a vegan variety from Cultures for Health to try:

Here is the recipe to make courtesy of Colleen:

It’s actually quite simple to try, just a little time consuming. The great part of the recipe she produced is the flexibility of the products. You can add whatever milk or fruits you want. Yogurt has so many benefits because your body needs “good” bacteria in the digestive tract. Yogurts contain probiotics which literally means “for life,” and refers to living organisms that result in health benefit when eaten in adequate amounts. Yogurt with active cultures help the stomach and keeps it happy.

So what are the benefits of Soy Yogurt? Like regular yogurt, soy yogurt contains healthy lactobacteria which helps promote healthy bacteria in your color. Soy yogurt also has lower fat than yogurt made from whole milk. Soy yogurt is great for those with type 2 diabetes as it can help regulate enzymes that affect the blood sugar levels. Soy blueberry yogurt has a strong effect on enzymes. Since soy yogurt contains healthy lactobateria, it will help keep your color and digestive system healthy and promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your color and reduce cancer-causing acids.

Just because you can’t have dairy yogurt, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Try any of these dairy-free yogurts today. They’ll taste like dairy yogurt with similar tartness. 

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