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    Vegan Chicken Porridge

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    From 24Vegan’s Kitchen: Chao ga chay/Vegan chicken porridge The broth can be made ahead of time before making the porridge. Broth ingredients 3 lb cabbage 3 lb carrot ...

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  • IMG_20170325_061442_074

    Vegan Banana Muffin

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    I bake randomly for fun. Ripe bananas make for delicious banana muffins. 🙂 This recipe is for half a dozen. Since the little munchkins have a heightened sense ...

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  • IMG_20170406_174910_365

    Vegan Manduguk

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    Korean dumpling soup Soup base: 5 cups vegetable broth 1 cup water 5-6 garlic cloves 2 cups Korean radish 1 tbsp soy sauce soup or light soy sauce ...

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  • IMG_20170425_142816_744

    Imitation Crab Stuffed Pineapple – Thơm Nhồi Cua Chay

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    Courtesy of Chef Aaron Vicks of 24Vegan’s kitchen: Imitation Crab Stuffed Pineapple – Thơm Nhồi Cua Chay Imitation crab does not use actual crab meat, but it contains fish components. ...

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  • dal

    Yellow Dal

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    Lentils are the second highest in protein and are often a favorite for vegans and vegetarians alike. Today’s lentil recipe is provided by our founder’s good friend Chef ...

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